Oracle Monitoring in Oracle APEX

Oracle Monitoring in Oracle APEX


Is monitoring a database one of your main tasks?
Want to know most important things about your database?
IRANAPEX offers OMonAPEX: Database monitoring application in Oracle APEX.
Download and use it free 🙂

What is OMonAPEX

Monitoring a database is one of the main tasks of database administrators. There are various tools and facilities available for this purpose. Some of these tools that can be noted is Oracle EM tool which is a perfect choice. But In many cases, the employer may requests monitoring the database, and providing access to that environment is accompanied by substantial risk. To do so, one of the safe and alternative ways of providing monitoring reports is to hand a program to provide the monitoring. OMonAPEX is a database monitoring application that can provide a great and beautiful monitoring report in the Oracle APEX. The goal of OMonAPEX application is to be as simple as possible to install and use.


OMonAPEX is maintained and sponsored by IRANAPEX and OraOpenSource.


If you’re new to Oracle APEX, it’s recommended you simply install Oracle APEX 5 or higher on your system and then create a new workspace. Then create a user/schema on your database and grant select any dictionary to new user. Download application (f500.sql) from project’s GitHub page and import it into your new workspace environment to get up and running as quickly as possible. Once you are comfortable using this application, it is recommended to restrict the privileges and customize your application.

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